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  About ICU

Everyone knows that Culture is an indispensable and invisible bond, which ties us in the community together. The art, literature, language, religion and the daily activities of the people of a community not only represent its culture, but also its moral values and ethics. The importance of culture lies in its close relationship with the people’s lives. Different cultures have brought diversity in the ways of life of the people inhabiting in different parts of the world. We might make a network of Diversified Cultures through the study of cultural knowledge, strategy and proper implementation.


Such an education system is demanded by the future of the multi-cultural world in order to enable professionals of all sectors to be fit for working anywhere in the world. Since culture is related to the development of one’s attitude, learning human culture with all  system disciplines of study is essential.


The sensed demands mentioned above are the basis of the formation of ICU.




The future generation will honor the cultural diversity of all nations, as well as the cultural minority, and will play a pivotal role in their protection and promotion through economical, political and development activities.




Online education of International Culture University to produce multi-cultural professionals and ensure the sustainable education for sustainable development, cultural leadership and protection and promotion of cultural diversity as the beauty of human races. 




The International Culture University is directed by three councils:

Peter Musa Director, Mus'Art Gallery http://musart.spruz.com
Coordinator, Collective Resources for the Arts and Talents Enrichment (CREATE)
Editor, Directory Arts + Culture Organizations and Festivals Active
within the CEMAC Region, Cameroon, Central Africa Rep., Chad, Congo,
Equatorial Guinea, Gabon

Mireille Gagné She has a Licence in Law and a Master in musicology, specialised in Canadian contemporary music.  She is the Director of the Canadian Music Centre since 1981. Since that time, she writes regularly texts for events produced by CMC and for others presented in collaboration  with organisations directly or indirectly connected with music. The production of SONARIUM 2006 – an original musical garden diffusing musical interventions through 16 speakers – during the International Flora Montreal, was one of the best successes of CMC for reaching the general public with musical creation. Also as a volunteer, she sits on some board of organisations like the one of the Canadian Network for New Musics and MAESTRA (an association promoting the music of women composers). Finaly, she is the President of the International Network for Cultural Diversity that she contributed to found in 2000.


Dr. Azizur Rahman
Advocate Shafiqul Alam Chowdhury
Md. Anisuzzaman
Md. Sahidul Karim
Noor Md.Kamal
Ms. Razia Begum
Dr. Fatema Johora(FCPS)


Academic Council:

Prof. Dr Sultan Muhammad Razzak

Dr. Kamal Ahmed (Volunteer Controller of Examination)
Dr. Hasan Mahmud (Voluteer Registrar) 
Prof. Dr Md. Quamruzzaman
Prof. Dr. (Col) Md. Shahidullah
Prof. Dr N.M. Kiron
Dr. Afroja Parvin


Management Council:


Prof. Dr Sultan Muhammad Razzak
Vice President
Dr. Afroja Parvin
Prof. Dr. (Col) Md. Shahidullah
Dr. Hassan Mahmud ( Volunteer Registrar)
Md. Abdul Momin
Md. Ferdaus Ahhmed
Ms. Shaheda Waheb (

  International Scientific Commitee:

Dr Kris Rampersad
Media, Cultural & Literary Consultant
International Relations Director, Network of NGOs
Author Through the Political Glass Ceiling & Finding A Place
Chair, National Commission of UNESCO, Trinidad and Tobago



Mane Nett S


Coalición Chilena para la Diversidad Cultural



Yvon Thiec
is the delegate General of EUROCINEMA since the creation of this organization.
Former advisor to the European Parliament, Yvon Thiec is doctor in law and political science. He was one of the first researchers in the Institute Florence European University, where he dedicated his thesis to the development of political science in the 19th century.


Dieter Jaenicke

Artistic Director

Hellerau-European Center for the Arts Dresden


  Online Faculty

Prof. Dr. Yemi D. Ogunyemi
Founder/VC, International University of Diaspora, an internet-based International University whose primary mission is tailored toward the advancement of the Africans in Africa and Africans in Diaspora. Founder/President, Inst. of Yoruba/African Narrative Philosophies: a think tank institute: promoting recent research and advances in the theory of narrative philosophies.

Päivi Carina Käri-Zein  
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science www.haaga-helia.fi
Teaching international business and marketing 

Topics; IB, International Business Strategy, Cross-Cultural Management,  service marketing, basics of marketing, How to do business and work in the Arabic countries

Teaching Philosophy of Culture, Anthropological Philosophy, Modern Philosophy,    Post-structuralism, Descartes, Structuralism, Contemporary Philosophy I and II, •   Social Anthropology, Political and social Philosophy, Anglo-Saxon cultures (imparted in English)

Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren, DEd 

President of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences (Certificate program accredited by the College of Teachers. New Post-Graduate program is under accreditation.) Independent Researcher, natural products and alternative wellness for pain management.


Kingsley Banya                                                                                                         
Professor and Chair, Teacher Education Department
Misericordia University
Specialization on Curriculum Theory, Instruction and Evaluation,  Teacher Education/Multicultural Education,  Comparative and Instructional Education


Dr. Oscar Manuel Becerra Tresierra

Specialization on academic psychology, Curriculum development, Online education. 

Some other organizations we are collaborated with:

CMCI find you ICU website very interesting and I hope that you will get all the support –  financial and other – to get all the success that you deserve for this important initiative. 
 At the Canadian Music Centre –
http://www.musiccentre.ca we are proud to offer lots of  information on Canadian composers but also to devote one section of our site to  “cultural musical
diversity”. It is called “Influences of many music”. For those interested in Canadian composers originating from outside Canada, one can go on that site and discover what they have brought/are bringing from their countries to their music composition now here in Canada. It is very interesting and one can also listen to some extracts of music. If it is useful for you, you can refer people to it. 

Mireille Gagné 
CMC Quebec Director

Ansted UniversityAnsted Social Responsibility International Award (ASRIA) is a BRAND and ENDORSEMENT INSTITUTION for CSR practicing Companies, Institutions, NGOs and individuals. The ASRIA Award in recognizing responsible Corporate, Institutions, NGOs and individuals working together in collaboration with all countries around the world on six continents for Promoting World Peace by Cultivating Social Responsibility Practice is one of the keys to our universal mission.
I am motivated to be associated with the International Culture
University. This is a praise worthy initiative needing the support and
encouragement of everyone active in the field of culture. In fact the
International Culture University will no doubt contribute its quota in
building future culture leaders and should be embraced by nationals
from across the globe.

Peter Musa
Director, Mus'Art Gallery 
Coordinator, Collective Resources for the Arts and Talents Enrichment (CREATE)




UNESCO APNIEVE Australia is delighted to be affiliated with the International Culture University (ICU). There is a great need for intercultural understanding and the preservation and strengthening of culture and diversity in all its forms.

Through education and intercultural understanding ICU will be in a position to make a significant contribution to international understanding and the maintenance of language, culture and traditional knowledge.

I look forward to participating in the development of the excellent programs proposed by ICU.


Joy de Leo



Congratulations for the International Culture University initiative. For members of Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity (
www.cdc-ccd.org), cultural diversity is a fundamental human right and cultural policy must not be subject to the constraints of international trade agreements.The Canadian Coalition is also the Secretariat of the International Federation of Cultural Diversity (IFCCD, www.ifccd.com) which brings together 43 national coalitions for cultural diversity representing more than 600 professional culture organizations.

Nhimbe welcomes the of
  "International Culture University"
                                     The Cultural Association B.R.I.O. Brilliant realities under observation is no-profit and the aim is to bring together individuals and institutions that would like to operate in the fields usually associated with general cultural activities working to promote the cultural and artistic aspects to be found in our society. The main aim is to actively promote different types of what we usually refer to as "culture" and various different expressive "languages". The purpose of B.R.I.O. is to act as a meeting place, tracing cultural interests whose social function is to help human and civil development through a continuous dynamic process of education. The association’s main calling is to set up a documentary data base, both photography and video, and is obviously close to both Visual Anthropology. The B.R.I.O’s project has come about to re-consider and systematically gather together all that is a bearer of uniqueness in places and people, and also intends to stand out and be able to attract resources and funding and to promote eco-compatible post-modernisation, starting from the local and expanding out to the global, and/or viceversa. The Association has a strong internationalist vocation and is committed to work towards the creation of a wide network aimed to share ideas and projects with other agencies, in Italy, Europe and other parts of the World. 

We Mooreland University (www.moorelanduniversity.com) is motivated to be associated and have collaboration for joint/twinning proramme with the International Culture University. In our consideration this initiative will fulfill education with diversified cultural understanding. 

We wish International Culture University will contribute to build future culture leaders round the globe.

We believe that such initiative will help much in promoting people culture through constructive dialogue and will promote culture of peace and respect to others . Upon that , We will be more than pleased to be affiliated to the International Cultural University.

Center for Applied Research in Education(CARE)

We are happy to affiliate with the International Cultural University, which is a wonderful resource that helps people learn about other cultures and thus broaden their viewpoint about the rest of the world. This aligns with the purpose of United for Human Rights, which is to provide human rights educational resources and activities that infor,assist and unite individuals, educators, organizations and governmental bodies in the dissemination and adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at every level of society.

     GESFWA (Global education support forum for working adults) is a mission oriented organization with international chapters. GESFWA is working to standardize and promote the education for working adults world wide.
 We International Culture University expressing our soliderity with this movement.

Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi is proud to support the
mission and endeavour of the International Culture University (ICU).
Encouraging cultural exchanges and developing the positive potential of cultural diversity are basic values of our mission: to this purpose, we created a network of students’ residences in Milan that aim at acting as reference points for a multicultural and multidisciplinary community of young people. These residences, called EXPO College, wish to exploit the great potential represented by the upcoming event EXPO 2015, that will bring to Milan young experts from all over the world, who will be offered a place to meet and integrate with their Italian fellows. We would be delighted to work in synergy with ICU to help young people to meet and interact.



Meeting with IAUP
Cultural Conventions, Principles of UNGC,UNAI & UNPRME
Masters in Music program open