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Welcome to
International Culture University
(Virtual and Research)



International Culture University (ICU) is a committed and innovative initiative to build leaders in the development sectors of all nations to protect, promote cultural diversity and culturally enlightened generation for building peace and human rights, share and care of humanity round the Globe.

This online virtual and research university has been catering to the culture, development and sustainability based educational need for the general students, working adults, cultural activists, managers, performers and job seekers.

Though ICU opened officially on September 11, 2009 in the Executive Board meeting of Forum for Culture and Human Development an organization registered under the Department of Social Service and NGO Affairs Bureau. This is the result of two decades of observation and day by day the magnitudes of the necessity as well as demands of such academic institutions is widening for the future. This feeling was the driving force of the ICU founder and the Executive Board of Forum for Culture and Human Development to step forward. International Culture University Foundation also registered under legal authority to run all levels -cross border academic programmes, national/international collaboration, network, research, accreditation and exchange for internationalisation of education.     .

ICU is a private program with the wishes of thousands of cultural activists and leaders. The name and logo of the university have been nominated through email voting system by the eminent cultural activists and think-tanks of the world. The institution has kept in touch with several cultural organizations which are playing vital roles in promoting and protecting the UNESCO cultural diversity. To achieve this vision, ICU is designing special curriculum where all relevant UNESCO conventions have been included to mainstream culture, heritage, rights and peace besides professional academic disciplines. All undergraduate students will get basic knowledge about the World Heritage Convention (1972) and the five other UNESCO Conventions (1954, 1970, 2001, 2003 and 2005) through online distance learning. This will enable them to attain a comparative learning on their own local or national heritage. Also, get knowledge on the principles of UN Academic Impact, UN Global Compact, UN PRME, Millinium Development Goal ( MDG) and Sustainable Development Goal(SDG).The post-graduation course will include six or more relevant conventions on the basic knowledge and practice on rights, ethics, peace and sustainable development issues.

ICU’s curriculum is an integration of culture, tradition and technology considering the best fit skilled personnel for the development of the future.

International Accreditation of ICU: 
International Acrreditation and Recognition Council, AUS
Ballsbridge University, Commonwealth Dominica








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