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Message from the Founder
International Culture University is a new born institute with a totally new innovative concept for the future development professionals and leaders. I welcome you to join ICU and create a successful future in the cultural sector. The mission of International Culture University is to protect and promote development based upon cultural context and dignity regardless all ethnicity of the world. The ICU is also the platform for working adults and job seekers, where they will be educated to enhance their skills through this virtual campus under the supervision of the best teachers, cultural think tanks, and professionals as well. ICU’s  Programs/Cources, student support services, and credibility help the students to open the door of success in their professional life and careers.

We have made scope of study for interested students from all spectrums of life and of all ages to meet their professional goals. We are open for your convenient time to start in order to help your skills and career.

The team of International Culture University is committed to help you to get the credentials you need for your professional and dignified life. Enroll and extend your steps today towards creating a respectful and brighter life.

Best Wishes.

Sultan Muhammad Razzak Ph.D
Founder President
International Culture University



Inaugural Messages
From the online inauguration that took place througout the month of August 2011


I’m quite close to you in this virtual world. That is why, I am sending my best wishes and congratulations on the opening admissions of ICU. INTERNACIONAL CULTURE UNIVERSITY.This amazing idea and innovative, to establish such online college; this network of diverse cultures is an example of good practices.In this intercultural world in which we live and learn, such initiatives are laudable.The ultimate aim of educations is the culture, otherwise it becomes a mere training. Culture is not viable without the education, which has no substance without culture.Congratulations again.Kind regards

Coalicion Chilena para la Diversidad Cultural
Vice-Presidente para América de FICDC. ( Federación Internacional de Coaliciones para la Diversidad Cultural.)


C'est par nos coutumes, nos traditions, nos rites et croyances, bref notre culture que nous nous distinguons les uns des autres. le leadership d'un peuple ou d'une nation reside aussi dans sa capacité à exporter et à vendre sa culture ceci à travers bien de choses comme le cinéma, la musique, la dance, les musées, le tourisme, la presse écrites, la télé, internet...
l'université virtuel "international culture universiy" favorisera un meilleur developpement; une promotion, une large diffusion de toutes les valeures culturelles du continent africain. Il revient à tous les africain de joindre leur efforts à celui du SULTANT MUHAMMED RAZZAK pour faire de cette initiave un succés total.

Edwige Nadine TCHOUANCHE
Animatrice Unesco

It is by our customs, our traditions, our rites and beliefs, short our culture that we are distinguished from each other. the leadership of a people or nation lies also in its ability to export and sell its culture this through many things as the cinema, music, dance, museums, tourism, the written press, television, internet...
the Virtual University "international culture University" will promote a better development; promotion, wide dissemination of all cultural values of the African continent. It is up to all the African to join their efforts to the resulting MUHAMMED RAZZAK to make this initiative a total success.

Edwige Nadine TCHOUANCHE
Moderator Unesco

"Education et culture - éducation par la culture…. Le culturel étant si enraciné dans la personnalité de tout être, à l’avenir l’education par la culture s’avérera l’investissement humain le plus durable ! Façonner des personnalités fortes, ouvertes à l’altérité, à l’autrui et à la beauté de la création, empreignées par l’amour de Dieu vivant, voilà le défi pour le nouveau millénaire !"

Mihaela-Viorica RUSITORU (Doctorante Strasbourg et Cluj-Napoca, visiteuse d’études Unesco-UIL nov. 2010).

Mihaela-Viorica RUSITORU

"Education and culture - education by the culture…." The culture is so rooted in the personality of every being, in the future education through culture will be the most lasting human investment! "Shape of strong personalities, open to otherness, the others and the beauty of creation, empreignées by the love of living God, that's the challenge for the new Millennium!"

Mihaela-Viorica RUSITORU (PhD student Strasbourg and Cluj-Napoca, visitor studies Unesco-UIL. nov 2010).

We are pleased to endorse such an impressive institution of learning as the International Culture University that now facilitates experience sharing and bringing the world
closer in both academic and professional networking for effective promotion of our cultural heritage. It is our heritage that gives us our unique identity and values hence the need to ensure we preserve, promote and embrace the world’s culture and the ICU has certainly made this a reality. As the premier organisation tasked with the preservation and promotion of our county’s heritage resources we wish to congratulate the founder and team for initiating this unique learning environment and we wish all the students, instructors and associates great success as they work towards the growth and development of our global cultural heritage.

Nirvana Persaud
Chief Executive Officer
National Trust of Guyana
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport

The Embassy would like to thank you for the information that you are going to open admission in your University from this autumn. It appears from your web page that International Culture University has virtual offices in 7 countries (Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, Madagascar, Canada and Australia), which include countries from both developed world and developing world. The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka would like to wish you the very best of luck with this initiative.

With thanks and regards,

Arup K BiswasSenior Adviser,
Development AffairsRoyal Norwegian Embassy,


Muy estimado Sultán Razzak: Mi reconocimiento mas amplio con mi felicitación, por la inauguración de la Primera Universidad Cultural del Mundo. Es un trabajo indispensable para el desarrollo y protección de la Cultura Universal. Les deseo el mayor de los éxitos y estoy a sus órdenes para colaborar con ustedes.


Lic. Gabriel Ernesto Larrea Richerand
del Instituto Mexicano de Derechos de Autor IMDAy Coordinador
de la Coalición Mexicana para la Diversidad Cultural



I congratulate you on your initiative and wish you success.

Not only as the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to UNESCO, but as well as the professor at University of Belgrade, where I teach the Theory of Culture and the Theory of Communication, I am interested in your project.

I am also interested to synergize personally with your university, and as well to help in networking with universities in Serbia.


Best regards,


H.E. Prof. PhD. Zorica Tomic
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,
Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Serbia to UNESCO


"Education is the eternal capital of Humanity, and culture is the heart of education. Innovation and creativity come out through culture.
The creation of the International Culture University is the right way to reach cultural awakening; innovation is a cerebral activity which offers new horizons for human capacities. The inauguration of this International Culture University, which is the first of its kind in the world, means establishing high intellectual standards to raise men into a world where cultural diversity is respected, a world which dialogues and interacts with each of the different cultures in order to reach global cooperation.
I highly appreciate these creative efforts and I would like to thank you, dear Dr Sultan Muhammad Razzak, for this great initiative which will be very valuable in the History of Mankind.

President of the 33rd session of UNESCO General Conference"

Message of
Dr. Moses Benjamin JALLOW
Ambassador/Permanent Delegate to UNESCO
Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia


I would like to thank you warmly for inviting us to participate to the inauguration of the first Culture University of the world, and to congratulate all the members who initiate the creation of such a unique academic and professional network which highly contributes to the development and promotion of our world culture.ICU will play a vital role in promoting and protecting not only cultural diversity but also moral values and ethics. This network is essential for the learning of human culture.I wish you as well as all the team of ICU a successful and last continuing inauguration.

With thanks and regards,
Permanent DelegatePermanent Delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO
Paris, France



Culture and education are two inseparable concepts. In all societies, culture remains a basic channel of transmitting knowledge for the shaping of the human mind. Terms like culture of peace, sustainable development and human rights culture continually remind us of the crucial roles that culture plays in human interaction, global peace and individual well being, while current debates on cultural plurality and cultural diversity, as well as the relationship
between culture, economic, social and sustainable development, have created fresh insights into issues that require academic exploration.

The establishment of this higher education institution, devoted to academic learning and research on culture is therefore timely. May I also add that, by introducing dual teaching mode, the International University of Culture, breaks the barrier of access to education and is poised to providing leadership in capacity building on culture management and approaches to culture for equitable development.

I welcome the vision and concept of your University and wish it a bright future ahead.

This initiative of an international culture university is certainly a welcomed one and promises to lend new dimension to current trends in global cultural relations as well as to expand the knowledge base we have of each other, of our cultures and how we function in a global sphere not only economically but socially as well. I look forward to the continued growth and expansion of the university.

National Commission of UNESCO, Trinidad and Tobago

Media, Cultural & Literary Consultant
International Relations Director, Network of NGOs
Author Through the Political Glass Ceiling & Finding A Place
Meeting with IAUP
Cultural Conventions, Principles of UNGC,UNAI & UNPRME
Masters in Music program open